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Readmix Concrete 

Each batch of Concrete is produced from precisely weighed cement, washed aggregate and quality sand. 

Need a large amount of Concrete, or are you merely doing small concrete jobs around the house? 


We've got you covered. We specialise in small amounts with 5mt concrete trucks which are perfect for getting into hard to access locations but are also very capable of tackling big projects at great rates.


Our excellent knowledge of area site and experience in logistic handling means we will always meet your tight delivery schedules.


And if you are a DIYer in need of ready mixed Concrete for your garden, paths, driveways, ponds, or other projects, we'll help you save more money on your project by supplying you the best quality concrete at the right quantity. You end up paying for what you need Concrete due to delays or travel time is avoided as well.  Collections service also available from our batching plant.


Whatever the grade, strength, or quantity of Concrete that you are after, one thing remains constant with Campbells Build and Pave Read/ Mini-mix Concrete – its outstanding quality!


Our complete concrete service includes:


  • Ready mix with various strengths / slumps

  • Lean mix

  • Sand and cement

  • Dry mix

  • Coloured concrete

  • Concrete pumping 


All construction jobs begin from the ground up, and we are here to offer the best foundation for any project.


Our concrete supplies always deliver!

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