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K-Mac 12 inch Porcelain Blade

K-Mac 12 inch Porcelain Blade


The K-Max 12″ Porcelain Blade is an essential tool for precision cutting of concrete, brick, and stone. With a robust 12-inch diameter, this high-quality blade ensures clean and accurate cuts, making it ideal for both professional construction projects and DIY landscaping tasks.


Featuring superior diamond segments, the K-Max blade delivers outstanding durability and cutting efficiency. Its segmented design minimizes heat build-up, extending the blade's lifespan even when tackling the toughest materials. Perfectly suited for use with a consaw, this blade provides consistent and dependable performance.


Whether you're on a demanding construction site or working on a home improvement project, the K-Max 12″ Diamond Cut Blade guarantees top-tier results every time. Rely on its exceptional quality and efficiency for your cutting needs.


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