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25kg Products

Size matters – High-quality building materials in 25Kg bags to help you succeed in your small projects

Grey / White Cement

When it comes to finishing long-lasting, satisfying building and construction projects, few items are as vital as the cement. 

Our cement ticks all the right boxes which makes it ideal for your project - compatible with most admixtures and perfect for a range of applications including block and bricklaying,

concrete works, flooring, and rendering.  

Kiln Dried Sand

Need more from your Kiln dried sand? Try this! You won’t find a better solution to “lock together paving blocks” for that confidence-inspiring reliable paving than with this particular range of Kiln dried sand.

Our Kiln dried sand makes life easier for you, which sums up our aim so well.  One, they are packaged in robust bags in 25Kg sizes for easy transport and storage; two, you can use them for brushing purposes straight out from the bag, and thirdly, when it comes to jointing or grouting purposes for paving projects, this sand will shine through. 

Other available 25kg products include:

  • Decorative stones

  • Top Soil

  • Sand/Stone/Cement

  • Paving Sand

  • White Cement

  • Aggregates

Concrete Texture
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