Because we don’t want
poor quality sand to ruin your hard work, we bring you the best

We provide a wide range of sand and aggregates in all shapes and sizes from bucket fulls to artic lorry loads nothing is off limited in Campbells Build and Pave. 


Our aim is to suit as many people as possible and give them the best quality options available in the country.  Got a small DIY at home?


Our bagged sand aggregates can be easily hauled home.  Weather it be in small 25kg bags or a bulk bag placed in the back of your van by our enthusiastic yard staff we can help.
And if it’s the bigger project your going through we can offer truckloads of sand to meet the need, our specialized fleet of trucks are ,rearing to ensure you don't run out of supplies
while at go.  


Built for tough terrains and expertly managed by a competent logistics team, we guarantee your project won't be held back due to lack of material no matter your location in the North East.  We especially specialize in small loads with small axle trucks at the ready to get into the most inconvenient places were bigger trucks wouldn’t dream of. Therefore leaving your project even easier.


Whatever your needs, we have a convenient bulk and bagged sand and aggregate supply to help you speed up your project.


Our Sand range includes:


  1. Building sand

  2. Sharp sand

  3. Washed Sand

  4. Play Sand

  5. Quarry Dust

  6. White sand

  7. Concrete batch mix


Our aggregate range includes::


  • 803 Hardcore

  • 3’ down

  • Drainage stone 3/8 , ¾ , 2”

  • Rubble

  • 10 , 14 , 20mm chippings & more