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We are a family owned business and are now into our 3 rd generation. Started by the late and
great Kieran Campbell in the 1970s we still use and strive off the core values he
implemented and have added our own working knowledge to make our company the best it
can be.

On offer you will find a range of Building / DIY / landscaping materials were nothing is off limits as we do our best to meet our customers needs.  We are particularly proud of the experience of our staff. Campbells Build and Pave currently
have experts who are real veterans of the construction market place. 


 With more than 50 years of combined experience, knowledge, and devoted attitude towards your requirement and project provides for an exceptional outcome.  At Campbells Build and Pave, we strive to make each client feel proud of themselves and
the successes of their projects through personalized service, professionalism, and attention
to detail, which creates a secure and trustworthy bridge between your dreams, idea, or
visions and achieving them without fuss. 
Invariably, for you, this means competitive prices, industry grade materials, robust customer support, reliable transportation, great response rate, and expertise when and where needed. 


At Campbells Build and Pave, one thing remains constant, going the extra mile.  You’ll experience this from the first contact to project close as we work tirelessly to make your day by ensuring you get the perfect product that’s best for you and your budget.
Whatever your project, its size, and location within the North East area, we promise to inject substantial know-how and resources to guarantee your satisfaction. Want to discuss your needs, request a quote, or discover how we can help your project succeed?


Give us a call.

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